NY Fashion Week Day 6


It’s been some days since I last updated the blog…I was kind of busy preparing everything to return back to Europe. Today is my last day in New York, can’t believe that I’m leaving this wonderful city…So as you can see my sixth outfit from the FW was also blue! Someone told me that blue fits well to my skin color, so I decided to choose something blue again! 
I always loved oversized jackets, coats and everything which can be worn on top. The jacket was pretty warm for that cold weather.
At the moment, the jeans ‘” Current Elliott “‘ are totally my favorite ones, because of their unusual effect ”color block”!
So when you see them from the front they are kind of bright blue and from the back side the blue looks darker.
The Tom Ford pumps makes the outfit a little bit classy, so it’s good cause they can be worn with a pencil skirt and a white shirt for the office or just some simple jeans and a t-shirt! Don’t hesitate to try them in different kind of styles!
Enjoy your weekend! Muah!

dana blue




IMG_0939 Now about the show I’ve been to !
Jeremy Scott kept his gloriously whackadoo pieces coming with everything from furious cartoon-face prints to bubblegum-colored camo. In other words, proceed with caution, but by all means, proceed. No doubt his outfits will always make everybody turn their heads back :))))
scott 2 scott 3 scott 4 scott 5 scott
Me with Jeremy Scott after his show! Extremely nice person !!!

 Stay tuned for new updates on Facebook and Instagram ! Bye bye ! 😉 


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